Welcome to Blue Day Art. I carefully crafted this name not for the color itself, but because “blue” is my muse. The world around me, the oceans I have lived by, the skies of my travels and the depths of my three children eyes. All of these inspire me daily. I’m drawn to many styles, colors and mediums. I let the day and mood drive the freedom of expression. That’s what you will see reflected from the pieces and collections of Blue Day Art. Delivering original custom fine art from my studio to your home.

My Story

I have been creating since I was a little girl. My passion led me to graduate with a BFA. At the time of graduation, I did many free lance art projects. However opportunities were limited and ultimately had to choose a secure job to pay the bills. Ten years later, I had had managed numerous businesses in fashion and retail. My painting was done when I found a rare free moment. Eventually I left my career to raise my children. As my family matured I started carving time to paint again. I realized how fulfilling it was to use my skills. Circling back to my passion, things started to fall into place organically. People started offering to pay me for my paintings. First, for my family and friends, then the circle grew. Blue Day Art was born. Although truly, it’s always been there.